7,000 Syrians have sought refuge in southern Turkey

A delegation of this organization based in Copenhagen last week visited the refugee camps in Syria to southern Turkey where he had a chance to talk with them and with the Turkish authorities and NGOs that are assisting them. According EMHRN, the mission concluded that although they appreciate the efforts of Turkey to host the Syrians fleeing their country, the Turkish government should allow the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) full access to the camps and allow the Syrians to seek refugee status, with full protection under the international convection.

Most of refugees, according to the NGO come from Jisr al Shughour and other nearby towns near the border and were virtually empty as a result of the actions of the Syrian army. In recent times there have been arrivals from the cities of Latakia and Hama, also besieged by security forces. Many of the refugees, according EMHRN arrived without passports or other identity papers, despite which the Turkish soldiers in the border they were treated well and they moved to camps run by the Turkish Red Crescent.

The Turkish government, which considers these Syrians as "guests" have been given shelter, food, and healthcare among other things, but this status " is open to interpretation and lacks the international protection that UNHCR can offer, "says EMHRN. According to this organization, the UN agency has only had access to the camps and only a few Syrians have managed to reach their offices in Ankara have been registered as asylum seekers. The refugees with whom the delegation spoke of EMHRN have indicated that since the situation in Syria does not improve do not feel safe enough to return to their homes at short notice. Therefore urges the Turkish government to allow UNHCR access to camps and those who so wish to register as refugees.