3 views: What does the future of social media look like after Twitter?

Twitter’s demise might be overstated, but we still can’t unsee what we saw in 2022.

The newly Elon Musk-owned social network could continue zombie-shuffling for months or years for all we know if Elon Musk can scrape together enough advertising revenue to pay the bills — namely, the massive interest on the $13 billion in debt that he saddled the company with in order to buy it. Twitter could also declare bankruptcy and go poof — an outcome that Musk himself has said is very much on the table, and one that’s underlined by Twitter’s recent refusal to pay for everything from office rent to toilet paper.

Either way, the chaos has painted an uncertain future for one of the world’s most prominent and long-running social networks. It’s also presented an opportunity to reevaluate how the social media landscape could radically change in light of Twitter’s very tumultuous 2022.

Taylor Hatmaker, Amanda Silberling and Haje Jan Kamps offer up their own ideas of what they’d like to see in a potential post-Twitter world:

Taylor Hatmaker: Nothing lasts forever and that’s a good thing
Amanda Silberling: It’s time to get weird
Haje Jan Kamps: Bring back the good old days

Taylor Hatmaker: Nothing lasts forever and that’s a good thing

Elon Musk’s disastrous Twitter takeover showed that it just takes one person’s bad ideas to destabilize a social network that everyone assumed was a given.

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