2023 Post-Earthquake Population Dynamics Analysis – Türkiye – Türkiye


The devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, and 7.7 magnitude aftershock, in southeast Türkiye on 22 February 2023 resulted in multiple waves of population displacement, and secondary displacement, both within and outside of the impacted areas. Significant numbers of Turkish nationals and refugee survivors moved on to other provinces, in many cases facilitated by the Government of Türkiye (GoTR). In the immediate aftermath, several thousands of Syrian refugees benefitted from the GoTR’s offering temporary home visits for refugees from affected provinces. Voluntary returns to Syria continued throughout the year as well, though returns were significantly fewer when compared to the same period in 2022. These movements changed shape and frequency over the months, with many refugees eventually returning to their original provinces of registration and residence within the impact zone.

Although heading in different directions, population movement flows were influenced by the similar push and pull factors, illustrating the importance of socio-economic considerations behind intentions and decisions. To better understand the profiles of refugees involved in these population flows, UNHCR carried out surveys and monitoring activities throughout 2023. The findings of which are analysed in the present end-of-year population movement report.

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