Will more women be elected for senior political roles in Nigeria?

From: Inside Story

Voters head to the polls on February 25 with a woman running for the presidency and others for state and national posts.

One female candidate in the conservative north is raising expectations she could become Nigeria’s first elected state governor.

Ninety-three million people are registered to vote in the country’s elections on February 25.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa.

It also has the continent’s largest economy and is its top oil producer.

But with rising inflation, high unemployment and insecurity in the northeast, a lot is at stake.

Eighteen candidates are running for president, including a woman.

And more than a dozen women are candidates for governor posts, while others are running for parliament at state and national levels.

So will Nigeria’s voters elect more women into senior political roles?

Presenter: Tom McRae


Hassan Idayat – Director of the Centre for Democracy and Development

Annie Olaloku-Teriba – Political analyst and specialist on politicised ethnicities in West Africa

Amaka Anku – Head of Africa Practice at Eurasia Group

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