UNHCR Turkey – Fact Sheet February 2022 [EN/TR] – Türkiye


Turkey hosts the world’s largest refugee population with 3.7 million Syrians under temporary protection and over 320,000 refugees and asylum-seekers under international protection. In 2021, PMM, the Presidency of Migration Management, registered 29,256 new IP applicants.

Legal framework: Turkey’s refugee response is based on a comprehensive legal framework, in particular the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (2013) and the Temporary Protection Regulation (2014).

UNHCR co-leads with UNDP the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) coordinating partner support to Turkey’s inclusive refugee response and chairs the UNSDCF Migration, International Protection and Harmonisation Results Group.


72,184 households were reached through UNHCR’s COVID-19 Emergency Cash Assistance, in cooperation with PMM through service provider PTT. Due to volatile economic conditions in Turkey, UNHCR launched a top-up payment in December, also for 3,965 cash-for-protection beneficiary households.

12,270 refugees were submitted for resettlement consideration to 14 countries in 2021 and close to 7,400 refugees departed to 13 countries. In 2022, 1,285 refugees were submitted for resettlement consideration as of 11 February and 850 refugees departed to 8 countries.

58,500 calls were answered through UNHCR’s counselling line in January from 77 provinces, mostly enquiring about resettlement (54%) and financial assistance (22%). Some 3,500 calls were answered through the GBV line.

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