UN again postpones its final report on the Israeli approach to the ‘Flotilla’

The statement has been produced in a time when Ankara and Tel Aviv blame each other for the delay in publishing the final report to be submitted to the organization’s general secretary, South Korea’s Ban Ki Moon .

"At this point, the report is not yet complete," said UN spokesman, Farhan Haq . "The secretary general wants the panel members are able to work together to reach consensus," he added.

The publication known as ‘Palmer Report’ has been postponed several times to allow postures proximity talks between Israel and Turkey. In this sense, Washington has expressed concern at the deteriorating relations between two countries that were allies in a troubled region.

Initially, United Nations noted that the report would be submitted to Ban in February 2011. Subsequently delayed to April, July and mid August.

Haq refused to explain the reason for this new deferment . However, the spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Selcuk Unal , stated that "the request to postpone the publication of the text, as in previous cases, has come from the Israeli side."

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday through a statement that it was Turkey that was delaying the completion of the document. "Against those who say the reports published by the press (…) Netanyahu has not changed its position (that Israel apologize for the incident) and the request to postpone the publication of ‘Parlmer Report’ has come from Turkish side, "stressed the paper.

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