Turkiye’s Togg is ready to please its news owners

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Turkiye’s domestic and national car Togg is getting ready to go
on sale this week. The national pride Togg, which has been prepared
with the completion of the SCT bases and type approval process,
will make another dream come true.

Now this attractive four-wheel-drive contraption readies to
please its news owner. The project, which is aimed to start the
pre-order process with the announcement of its price this week.
With the draws drawn since the end of March, 20,000 Toggs will be
delivered to their owners in stages until the end of 2023, in order
of priority.

TRY 1M ($52,611M) expectation dominates the

The electric vehicle SCT, which was held in the past days,
caused predictions in the eagerly awaited Togg, together with its
tax bases. It has come to the agenda that Togg’s 2-wheel-engined
200 hp 150 kW C-SUV option will be sold at an affordable price due
to the ceiling limitation of TRY1.6m ($84,178). The suitors of the
C-SUV Togg, which is expected to be sold with TRY1m ($52,611) for
the starter packages by the citizens, are increasing day by day.
For the NFT sale, which is planned to be held on February 5, 20,000
people opened a wallet on Togg’s application Trumore and
participated in the auction to buy it.

Pre-order now delivery in April

Explanations on how the sales process will work came from Togg
management. 20,000 vehicles will be delivered to Togg C-SUV owners,
whose pre-order has been received and will be entitled according to
the sequence number, until the end of 2023. The first delivery will
start at the end of March, that is, at the beginning of April. In
the national car where the competition has been canceled, priority
will be determined only by drawing. The priority right in the sale
of NFTs was revoked.

The personalized vehicle will be produced

The production process of Togg after the pre-order will be based
on the personalized smart device. The C-SUV Togg, which can be
combined from its color to its equipment features, will not be
produced as a stock vehicle, as it will be produced individually.
This is the most important reason why Togg currently does not have
ready-made wow stock vehicles. In addition, since the vehicle made
public is a prototype, a superior C-SUV Togg will be showcased with
the addition of new features.

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