Türkiye’s 1st floating SPP to start electricity production in June

The 1-megawatt (MW) capacity Kuzova floating solar power plant installed on the Keban Dam Lake in Türkiye’s eastern province of Elazığ is set to commence electricity production next month, according to a report Tuesday.

The 9th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) installed a 2 MW solar power plant next to the Kuzova Pumped Irrigation Facility, which is used for irrigation by farmers in seven villages encompassing 47,830 decares of land along the shore of Keban Dam Lake.

A new investment was added to this one with the aim of utilizing renewable solar energy to reduce the cost of electricity used by farmers to irrigate their land.

The DSI Regional Directorate constructed the Kuzova floating SPP on the Keban Dam Lake in the Fatmalı village’s Beşevler hamlet area.

The goal of Türkiye’s first floating solar power plant is to generate 1.8 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy annually.

It is aimed that the floating plant, along with the operational 2 MW terrestrial SPP, covering 15 acres, will meet approximately 40% of the energy used to irrigate the 47,830 decares of land in the region.

DSI 9th Regional Director Sebahattin Şamcı told Anadolu Agency (AA) that this project was implemented to contribute to the electricity expenses of farmers producing agricultural products around the Keban Dam Lake.

“As an institution, we implemented a project to benefit from solar energy,” Şamcı pointed out.

“We started the construction in two parts: terrestrial and floating SPP. The construction of the 2 MW terrestrial SPP has been completed. We have now completed and brought the 1-megawatt floating SPP to the acceptance stage,” he explained.

“We implemented Türkiye’s first floating SPP project in Elazığ.”

A general view of the Kuzova floating solar power plant installed by the 9th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI), Elazığ, eastern Türkiye, May 28, 2024. (AA Photo)

Kuzova floating solar power plant, installed by the 9th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI), Elazığ, eastern Türkiye, May 28, 2024. (AA Photo)

Moreover, Şamcı highlighted that this project led to increasing discussion on similar floating SPPs in other dams in Türkiye and that with the new law, the way was opened for the establishment of floating system energy facilities on lakes and dams.

“One of the first terrestrial SPP projects in Türkiye was also done in Kuzova. The floating SPP was also done in Kuzova. Our goal is to make a preliminary study for our future projects by comparing the energy production of terrestrial and floating SPPs,” he noted.

The official also explained the cost of the floating plants appears to be slightly higher compared to terrestrial ones, but that about 15% more energy is obtained.

“Additionally, while a terrestrial SPP requires 15 decares of land for 1 megawatt, a floating SPP can fit into 6 decares,” said Şamcı.

Şamcı said that a 3 MW energy facility is currently being built at Kuzova SPP, with an expected annual revenue of approximately TL 17 million (around $527,000).

He stated that the projected energy cost for Kuzova SPP in 2024 is approximately TL 33 million and explained that they have planned a 6 MW SPP, with 2 MW as terrestrial SPP, 1 MW as floating SPP and the remaining 3 MW also as floating SPP.

“Our goal is to support farmers and reduce their energy costs,” he said.

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