Türkiye confirms explosion in Black Sea off Romanian coast

The Turkish Maritime Organisation confirmed the fact of an explosion on 6 October, near the cargo ship under the Turkish flag, which was going to Izmail. The incident occurred off the coast of Romania.

Source: the organisation in a comment to Reuters, writes European Pravda

Details: According to the authorities, an explosion happened 15-20 metres behind the Kafkametler ship as it was sailing off the coast of the Sulina port, Romania, on its way from the port of Batumi to the port of Izmail.

There was no proof that the explosion was caused by a mine, the Turkish Maritime Organisation added, so the ship continued sailing to its destination to deliver its cargo.

The ship’s operator, Kafkametler Maritime, reported that it continued its way to the port of Izmail, the crew is safe, and the ship does not need any repairs. Separately, the ship’s captain stated that although the reason for the explosion was unclear, it was most likely caused by a bottom mine in the Black Sea.


  • Earlier, Reuters, citing sources, reported that on 6 October, a Turkish merchant ship triggered a naval mine in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania, but remained mostly unscathed.

  • On 14 August, an explosion occurred in the Black Sea near the resort village of Costinești. Local authorities reported that a naval mine exploded after hitting a pier and that no one was injured.

  • Following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish military diving teams are clearing naval mines drifting in their waters.

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