Turkey sends three helicopters and personnel to Afghanistan

A statement of Turkish General Staff earlier said that establishing an administration in Afghanistan which ensured internal stability and which could fulfil its international obligations in order to restore peace and security of Afghan people was among targets of NATO and Turkey.

The statement added, "to this end, Turkey continues its contributions to ISAF, functioning under NATO leadership, since the beginning of the operation on Afghanistan. In line with NATO’s demand and as a requirement of its responsibilities as a NATO member country, Turkey has decided to charge three helicopters to meet the needs in Afghanistan."

Turkey took over command of ISAF from Britain on June 20, 2002. General Hilmi Akin Zorlu, the commander of Turkish troops in Afghanistan, was the commander of ISAF till February 10, 2003.

Turkey handed over ISAF command to Germany and the Netherlands in a ceremony on February 2, 2003.

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