Turkey joins anti-missile system

An early warning radar will be installed in southeastern Turkey as part of missile defense system of NATO, the ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement Wednesday. The system is aimed at countering threats from Iran, a neighbor Turkey, which last week warned Ankara that the location of the radar in the military installation aggravate regional tensions. Turkey insists that the system is not aimed at any particular country and the ministry statement did not mention Iran, AP reported. Turkey agreed to install the radar in September as part of the NATO defense network, considering that contribute to strengthening and defense of the alliance. “ In this context, inspections are completed on the site and legal agreements, and therefore has been designated a facility to host the radar Kurecic,”said spokesman Selcuk Unal chancery. "This facility was used in the past for similar purposes.’" Kurecic in Malatya province, is 700 kilometers (435 miles) west of the Iranian border. In September, the Pentagon spokesman, Col. Dave Lapan, said United States hopes that the radar is installed by the end of the year. NATO members agreed to install an anti-missile in Europe to guard against Iranian missiles at a summit in Lisbon last year. It was agreed not explicitly mention Iran because Turkey had threatened to block the deal if he had named the neighboring country as a threat. According to the plans of the partnership, a limited system of radars and interceptors planned for Europe and will be linked to missile defenses in Europe. The system will protect all NATO nation from attack by medium-range missiles.