Trillion Energy commences new wells in its multi-well Black Sea program

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Trillion Energy International has commenced Guluc-2 at the SASB natural gas field, Black Sea, after completing West Akcakoca-1 17 ½” diameter section to 1,008 metres depth.

Drilling of Guluc-2 17 ½’ section to 1,008 metres is in progress and the well will be drilled to total depth upon which the well will be perforated and tested. Upon completion of Guluc-2, the rig will move back and complete the West Akcakoca-1 well.

Both are long reach directional wells being drilled from the Akçakoca platform and targeting gas reserves at both the east and west perimeter of the Akcakoca gas field.

Upon successful completions of the wells occurring, gas will be sold to market almost immediately. The Guluc-2 well is expected to commence production towards the end of January, 2023; while West Akcakoca-1 by March 2023. Gas sale revenues generated from these wells will be used for further field development.

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Location of SASB gas field (Source: Trillion Energy)

After the wells at the Akçakoca platform are completed, the rig will move to the East Ayazli tripod.

The Company’s development program initially includes seven production wells coming online during a time when acute natural gas shortages are menacing Europe and Turkiye. Drilling of additional 10 targets are expected to follow. Natural gas prices continue at $30 per MCF for December.

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Source: Trillion Energy

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