The South Of 5th & South Beach – The Best Places For Condo Property Investments In Miami

Since Miami is known as a beautiful city along the coast of Florida, it is also known for its dynamic culture, exclusive neighborhoods and fantastic beaches – that is why there are a lot of foreign buyers setting their eyes on the most beautiful real estate properties available. For the people of South Beach, there is no better place for them in the city than in here. But do not get me confused, South Beach has two divisions – let me give you more details about that:

The South of 5th Street or also known as So Fi is where you can find the one of the exclusive Miami condos and neighborhoods. With the neighborhood being surrounded by crystal-clear waters, and the Biscayne Bay within eyes’ reach, So Fi is the best place for people wanting to raise a family in a secure and well-maintained location.

The South of 21st Street or So Be on the other hand is well known as a tourist hotspot, enticing attractions and activities are some of South Beach’s powerful selling facts. South Beach condos are mostly owned by models and fashion gurus. With the Lincoln Mall and some historic buildings as a tourist attraction, the streets of So Be never rests – not even one bit. Now that there are a lot of foreign investors taking a great interest in South Beach, expect more new faces in the most dynamic place in all of Miami Beach.

If you are planning to move to Miami Beach – but not really on South Beach – then there are other neighborhoods available in the area like North Beach, Bal Harbour, or even Golden Beach which also offers great condos, so better make sure to invest on the right neighborhood – especially if you are planning to enter the real estate game. South Beach condos are time-tested and proven on any real estate inconsistencies due to its stellar reputation. If you are looking for a property that reaches that expectation – prepare to see what is in store for you in the real estate market of Miami!

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South Beach condos
South Beach Condos