Reality in Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev issued a statement during the signature ceremony and said that crude oil policy begun by his father, the late President Haydar Aliyev, has been successfully maintained. Ilham Aliyev drew attention to recent successful test drillings in the Caspian Sea oil fields and stated that BTC would be completed in time to carry the riches of the Caspian to market. ‘The myth has become reality,’ Aliyev said.

Even though the BTC construction process was already half way completed, Aliyev stressed that a significant step was taken through the documents and agreements signed yesterday, ensuring that final construction on BTC would not hit any delays. It is thought that BTC can only further strengthen the already amicable relations between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. Aliyev also noted that big projects, like the Shahdeniz natural gas project, would realize their full potential in the near future.

Ceyhan Terminal Named after Haydar Aliyev

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Hilmi Guler has announced that the Ceyhan terminal would be named after Haydar Aliyev, as a way to honor the man who had devoted a great deal of his energy towards the realization of the BTC project. Guler said that despite the long discussions and various artificial difficulties that were created during BTC’s application process, Aliyev took the initiative and convinced a consortium of multinationals to begin construction on the BTC pipeline.

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