Organized greenhouse zone application is accepted in Nevsehir, Turkey

An application for a greenhouse project nearby Nevsehir, Turkey, is approved and accepted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.  Geothermal energy resources in the Kozakli district will be utilized in the modern technological greenhouses where seeds, seedlings, vegetables, and fruits will be grown.

High production and high employment are goals of the project that covers 131 hectares of protected growing in total.  It is aimed to produce 40,000 tons of fresh vegetables and fruits annually in 40 modern technological greenhouses with automation systems.”

In Turkey, 4 geothermal greenhouse zones have been established so far. With this project, which will be Nevsehir’s first agriculture-based specialized organized industrial zone, high-quality products at low cost will be produced in the region. In addition, it is aimed that at least 1,500 people will be employed in the greenhouse. Approximately 75% of the personnel to be employed will be women. 

The local Governorship, Municipality, nearby Kozakli Municipality, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the Commodity Exchange and the Chamber of Agriculture participated in the Nevsehir Kozakli Agriculture-Based Specialized Greenhouse (Geothermal Source) Organized Industrial Zone project, which started in 2021.

Source: Inegol Online

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