Nobu Open Second Restaurant Venue in Bodrum, Turkey – Retail & Leisure International

Süzer Group, the owner of The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul, opened the first NOBU Restaurant at the hotel in 2021. The hotel now also features a NOBU Suite. Süzer Group has now opened a new NOBU Restaurant, this time in Bodrum at Bodrum Loft on the Turkish Riviera. The new dining venue has a capacity of 180.

Baran Süzer , Vice Chairman of Süzer Holding Board of Directors , said, “We decided to make the investment we planned in the summer of 2023 in the summer of 2022, as we received a high demand from the guests in Istanbul and we found the right location in Bodrum. ” he announced the opening of the new venue.

Saying that the success of Nobu Istanbul is a source of motivation for them, Nobu International Project Director Steven Lam said, “Nobu Istanbul makes all Nobu experiences live at global standards. We are confident that our presence in Turkey will continue even stronger with the Bodrum investment. We thank our partner Süzer Group for their contribution.”

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