MGK is Getting Transparent

An important taboo regarding the MGK is about to be destroyed. The government, which examined the draft regulations prepared by the Secretariat General, decided that the rule of confidentiality prevailing over the regulations and personnel of the Secretariat General should be eliminated. As the military officials accepted this decision, the government started to prepare the motion on necessary modifications.

The government also desires to eliminate the differential in recording the performance of civilian and military personnel in the Secretariat General. At present, the MGK Secretariat General operates under the Prime Ministry however the superiors for military personnel are military figures, whereas those for civilian staff are civilian figures. The government aims at removing this difference.

The government will communicate its views to military officials on Monday. Following the talks between the two parties, the regulation of MGK will be finalized in the MGK meeting on November 21.

On the other hand, the Secretariat General is working on two important projects regarding becoming transparent. One of these is establishing a Speaker’s Office for the MGK Secretariat General. The other project is to give information regarding the institution to those who demanded. The Secretariat General aims at responding to written questions and inform the public opinion about its activities.

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