Massive Facebook survey shows climate investors have more sway on public opinion than you think – TechCrunch

Investors are used to using their acumen and financial heft to find companies that might disrupt markets. But it turns out their views and investments might disrupt public opinion, too.

A massive survey of Facebook users from around the world shows a vast group of people who are neither convinced that climate change is the result of human activities nor caused by natural changes. (The former, of course, is the correct answer.) Those people in the middle can be swayed by climate tech investors through their investments and public views, said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

“Those climate-aware investors and business leaders and so on play a critical role not just in communicating to their own tribe, which is of course important, but to the larger community, to the larger market, to help them understand why they’re making these investments,” Leiserowitz said.

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