Man jailed for life for murder of school teacher in London

Judge says Albanian driver Koci Selamaj committed ‘savage’ and sexually motivated attack.

A 36-year-old delivery driver from Albania has been jailed for life for murdering a primary school teacher in London whose death sparked renewed calls to improve women’s safety.

Koci Selamaj was ordered to spend at least 36 years behind bars for his killing of Sabina Nessa, 28, last year.

Selamaj refused to appear for his sentencing in London’s Old Bailey court, where judge Nigel Sweeney said he had committed a “savage” and sexually motivated attack.

Nessa was the “wholly blameless victim of an absolutely appalling murder which was entirely the fault of the defendant”, Sweeney said, noting that Selamaj had shown no remorse during his trial.

Nessa’s body was found in a park in southeast London on September 18, the day after she disappeared while walking through the area to meet a friend.

Her killing followed the March 2021 murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard by a serving Metropolitan police officer, which provoked an outcry and pressured the government to do more to protect women and girls.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil John, who led the investigation, described Selamaj as an “evil coward” after the sentencing.

“Right across the Met there is a relentless effort to tackle violence against women and girls and to bring those who perpetrate these crimes to justice,” he said.

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