Japan Set To Join The Fuel Efficiency Standard Set By United States And Europe Auto Industries

One of the newest countries that joined the crusade is Japan, and its stellar lineup of next generation vehicles. United States and Europe’s of setting a new standard for the fuel economy has been successful so far as a lot of carmakers today put fuel efficiency at the top of their priorities.

The new proposed average mileage for cars in the United States and Europe are set to 24.1 km/liter, as opposed to Japan’s 20.3 km/liter – which is approximately 47.75 miles per gallon in 2020 compared to 2009’s 16.3 km/liter measurement.

If more car industries set this as a new standard – expect more cost effective ways of using your vehicle anywhere you go. And since there are a lot of hybrid cars making an effort to save up on gas, paying so much money for gas would soon be a thing of the past.

If Japan agrees to the 24.1 km/liter standard, then expect a more fuel efficient, nature-friendly cars to go around in the coming years.

Quentin Battle
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Fuel Saving Products