In-Camp Electronic Voucher Programme in Türkiye, Market Price Monitoring (PMM), On-Site Monitoring (OSM), and Protection Report | Quarter 1 (January-March) 2022 – Türkiye

  • As of March 2022, the food basket cost in the contracted markets reached 353 TRY. The basket cost is 87 percent higher compared to March 2021 (189 TRY).

  • The inflation rates reached record levels; the annual inflation rate in March 2022 is 61.1 percent and the food inflation is even higher at 70.3 percent.

  • Insufficient employment opportunities in the winter season posed a challenge to the beneficiaries to generate additional income.

  • The one-off payment of 1300 TRY is appreciated and prevented further deterioration of the purchasing power of the beneficiaries.

  • During Q1 2022, there were no protection cases reported.

  • 148,270 SMSs were sent to beneficiaries to inform them about the regular uploads and dormant accounts, as well as to sensitize about the top-up payments.

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