Gaddafi has fled his headquarters in Tripoli

The rebels ransacked the headquarters of Bab al-Aziziya, carrying weapons and destroying symbols of his rule 42, whose fall would make the country and send a warning to other authoritarian Arab governments that face popular uprisings.

Gaddafi said his departure from the facilities located in the center of the capital was a tactical move after the site was beaten by 64 NATO air attacks and vowed to "martyrdom" or victory in their fight against the alliance.

Urging Libyans to clean the streets of traitors, the Arab leader visited Tripoli said incognito.

"I came a time when Tripoli discreetly without being seen by people, and (…) I did not see that Tripoli was in danger," he said.

The Libyan leader spoke to favorable environments and their whereabouts after leaving his headquarters remains a mystery, although it appeared that continued in Tripoli, at least until recently.

As night fell on Tuesday after a day when the rebels captured Tripoli, finding little resistance and few casualties were reported heavy fighting in Sabha, a city south into the desert rebels anticipated might be the last stronghold of the forces Gaddafi loyalists.

Government troops attacked the villages with artillery and Ajelat Zuara west of Tripoli, reported television station Al-Arabiya.

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