Facebook updates its privacy controls

The changes will allow 750 million Facebook users change their privacy settings each time you share information on the network, rather than forcing them to choose several options in sections of the page.

When people upload a photo to Facebook, and "tag" their friends in it, they will now have the ability to approve the label before the image associated with your personal profile. Previously, users could remove the label did not want the photos once uploaded to your profile.

Privacy has been an ongoing challenge for Facebook, which is supported by advertising and has to balance the commercial interest related to more people share their lives with the sensitivity of users about having control over their personal information.

Facebook recently raised concerns about privacy after expanding the use of facial recognition technology, which automatically identifies people in photos.

The latest changes come when he faces his most significant competitor in the market in years of social networks: Google +, the rival service owned by Google.

The new service, which had 10 million users in sua first two weeks, has promoted its ability to allow people to organize their friends and contacts in different groups, providing greater control over privacy as a key advantage compared to Facebook.

The Vice President of Products of Facebook, Chris Cox, said the changes took months planning and seek to satisfy multiple requests have long requested by users, but do not arise from the competition with its rival.

"As people do not consider that part of the tool is fantastic, we have work to do, whether Google or whoever," said Cox.