Chavez accuses U.S. and Europe carry a "slaughter"

In particular he referred to the advance of rebel troops on Tripoli, supported by NATO. "The democratic European governments – not all – and the supposedly democratic government of the United States are demolishing their bombs Tripoli," he complained.

"Today I do not know how many bombs thrown.’re Falling and so blatant and open – not even bother to explain anything – on schools, hospitals, homes, workplaces, factories and agricultural fields," he noted.

Thus, in the context of a religious ceremony held by Catholics and Protestants in the palace of Miraflores, the president has urged his followers to "ask God for the Libyan people."

On the other hand, has warned that these same countries, supported by the Venezuelan opposition, may be planning similar action against the Latin American country, which has recently been recognized as "the first oil wealth of the world" by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting (OPEC).

"Let us in God’s hands to prevent the violence in Venezuela. We have to neutralize the plans of violence are cooking, plans that are the empire ‘Yankee’," he warned, referring to the United States.

It is not the first time Chavez expressed in these terms about the situation in the Arab country. At all times, has expressed support for the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, whom he described as "friend", even to offer mediation to resolve the crisis in Venezuela.

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