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Turkey: Unions to Strike as Protests Continue

InternationalDespite attempts to quell the unrest in Turkey’s key cities, unions in the country are now threatening to hold a strike in support to the protest.

The cities of Istanbul and Ankara transformed into chaos overnight as protesters marched to the Gezi Park in protest against the government’s plan on the area.

Police fired tear gas and water cannon at the demonstrators who used paving stones as barricades and set cars on fire during their fifth day of protest.

What started as a local issue escalated quickly into an anti-government rally with other cities of Turkey joining the protest.

News had reported that a youth political party member became the latest victim of the violence. He was shot during the protests at Antakya.

His death was preceded by a 20-year-old man who died after a taxi run over the crowd in Istanbul.
Now, while violence still erupts at cities in Turkey, the country’s public sector union have orchestrated a strike to support the protest and condemn the actions of the government.

The Confederation of Public Workers’ Unions is likely to encompass key institutions of the country, including public offices, universities and schools.

Meanwhile, the ongoing demonstration is expanding its influence in Turkey’s financial markets as the country’s stock exchange declined by 10.5 percent on Monday. It thrived under Erdogan.

The U.S. government has already expressed concerns regarding the unceasing violence in Turkey, especially on the methods used by the Turkish government to catch protesters.

The British government also advised citizens touring the country to avoid any participation in the protest. Travel advisories were also sent, advising tourists to avoid any areas within close proximity to the Syrian border.

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Turkey: Unions to Strike as Protests Continue
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Turkey: Unions to Strike as Protests Continue
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Turkey: Unions to Strike as Protests Continue
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Turkey: Unions to Strike as Protests Continue
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