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New Navigation System In Cell Phones

Wireless companies are now beginning to use a cell phone navigation system that allows people to find their way around a strange city without the use of old paper maps.

This technology was originally used to help find callers in danger by emergency workers, but is now being used by cell phone subscribers to get directions to their favorite restaurants, or to meet up with friends.

Milton Williams, a worker of the Georgia-based D&B Heating and Air, Athens, finds this technology very advantageous in his line of work since it allows him to go from one job to the other in the fastest time possible.

Roger Drissel, a Saber Corp. employee, is also another subscriber of the Verizonís service when he is driving out of town for his work. He also uses his Verizonís service to locate restaurants where he can eat. He has substituted his dedicated car-dashboard navigation system for a his Verizon cell phone service.

The number of subscribers to such cell phone services shows how people are very much into the new cell phone navigation system, regardless of its shortcomings.

Companies such as Networks in Motion, as well as Sprint Nextel Corp, are just some of the cell phone providers that have incorporated a similar system to their service. Other companies have taken it a bit further by allowing groups of people to broadcast their location to each other.

Other companies even allows parents to monitor their childrenís location, which is a feature that companies such as Sprint, Verizon offers its subscribers. This feature, however, will only work if the child has a cell phone.


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