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The Head of Turkey's main stock exchange has revealed the secrets of Turkey's economic success

The Head of Turkey's main stock exchange touted on Thursday the achievements in his country's economy over the past decade as one of the fastest growing economies among world's developing markets.

Speaking at the opening of the investment conference "The Accessing Turkey" in London, Ibrahim Turhan said the progress in Turkey's economy owed to its macroeconomic policies of the past decade.
He said while the banking sector had benefited from the macroeconomic developments, it was not easy to say that the capital markets showed a parallel performance.
"That is why we kicked off a brand new structuring process last year where a new road map was formed for the capital markets. Three large stock markets came together at a private joint stock company under the umbrella of Borsa Istanbul," he said.
Borsa Istanbul was launched in April to combine the former Istanbul Stock Exchange, the Istanbul Gold Exchange and the Derivatives Exchange of Turkey.
"The Accessing Turkey" - the first of a series of similar future events to designed for investors interested in Turkey - saw the participation of corporate investors as well as professional investment firms operating in the markets of Russia, China, Brazil and Turkey.

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The Head of Turkey\'s main stock exchange has revealed the secrets of Turkey\'s economic success
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