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Turkey, Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the 'objective'

BusinessResponsible for Turkish Airlines and the Tourist Board Málaga-Costa del Sol have held a meeting under Fitur with the main objective of unifying criteria which crystallize into a marketing agreement that enhances the development of the tourist destination. The markets in which it seeks to influence are Turkey, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, which do not involve large numbers even in absolute terms but whose progression in recent years has been spectacular. In this regard it should be noted the increase in 2012 in the Russian market, which was 26.3%.

The meeting was attended by the president of the council, Bendodo Elijah, and the CEO of Turkish Airlines in Andalusia, Halid Koca. Bendodo stressed that the objective pursued by this collaboration is to improve the competitiveness and positioning of both brands in the segments holiday, elite, cultural, language, health and wellness and meetings.

This project is consistent with the line of work undertaken by the Tourism at FITUR and segmentation strategy, which aims to achieve a more appropriate management of seasonality and the various claims that make its bid to achieve a Costa del Sol open and profitable every day of the year.

Among the activities to be included in the agreement include joint communication actions that reinforce the visibility and promotion of both brands, a marketing plan set in target markets and segments mentioned, with shares in origin and destination agents specialized press and consumers attending trade shows, and online initiatives.

The Board has included specific actions in its Action Plan 2013, which include the professional conferences planned in Ankara, Istanbul and Azerbaijan, consisting of a meeting between industry professionals and travel agents and media from different countries.

The goal is to provide entrepreneurs marketing products as culture, food, map, resort, 'shopping', language tourism and ultimately the possibility of new experiences and unique sensations. It will give potential visitors an offer segmented and specialized to improve its market position working with the airline, also consistent with the segmentation strategy implemented by the entity to meet the expectations of customers, whether tourists or marketing channels.

With this action the Board will promote the marketing of the product 'Malaga-Costa del Sol', enhance the brand in the mentioned segments, analyze demand, promote the image of the destination media shares and expand knowledge of the Turkish market as an issuer for seek new business opportunities.

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