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Porsche Design Tower: Exclusive Residential Condos in Beautiful Sunny Isles Beach

BusinessA few years from now, Miami is going to experience another first in modern luxury living thanks to the Porsche Design Tower which is a $560 million dollar condo development project that dreams to change the way we look at high-rise living with the help of modern engineering and top-of-the-line designing.

What sets the Porsche Design Tower apart from its competitors is the fact that residents will never have to worry about parking spaces anymore as the Porsche Design Tower has its own approach to vehicle storage and safety. To make it simple: this condo will make convenience extra convenient. If you are a big-time car enthusiast, you can consider the Porsche Design Tower to be the perfect place for you and your ride.

While there are a lot of residential property options available in Miami today, most of these properties wonít be able to compete with the amenities, convenience, and innovation that the Porsche Design Tower has to offer. The 57-story condo will have the capability to take you and your car on an elevator ride up to your own unit.

Depending on the type of condo unit you are planning to get at the Porsche tower, you will have the option to store two to four cars safely within a garage that is visible from your own living area. If you are looking for the best place to store your precious cars, you donít have to look any further.

Apart from the robotic parking system, the project aims to change the way we look at high-end real estate properties. Despite the fact that the tower will have 57 stories, the Porsche Design Tower will only accommodate up to 132 exclusive residential condo units ranging from 3,800 square feet to up to 9,500 square feet in size. With that being said, units start at $2 million and go up to $9 million in price.

For the price you pay, the community guarantees to provide all of the necessary necessities and relaxation facilities found right inside the building. Restaurants, lounges, swimming pools, spa rooms, sauna rooms and more first-class amenities will be provided as well so if you are a fan of these activities, you will be truly delighted living in this soon-to-be-built community.

At this point in time, itís safe to assume that the long stretch of luxury condos found along the stretch of Collins Avenue will never be the same again once the Porsche Design Tower is complete. If you want nothing but the best residential properties, then make sure to contact a real estate agent as soon as possible to find out more information regarding your available options on todayís property market.

Yaz Morgan
Porsche Design Tower

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