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Miami Beach Luxury Condos: Drive Straight Up To Your Own High-Rise Home At The Porsche Design Tower

BusinessIt is truly fascinating to see how Miami Beach luxury condos continue to evolve in order to provide people with options which are always going to be better than their previous options have been. Property buyers who are looking for the most amazing condos within South Florida today will definitely be delighted with the new condos which are going to be found within the island of Miami Beach is the near future.

One of the recent developments which are going to be adding more outstanding options for property buyers to choose from is the Porsche Design Tower which happens to be a proposed skyscraper that is going to set rise within the ultra-glamorous city called Sunny Isles Beach which is located along the northeastern section of the Miami-Dade County area in South Florida.

According to reports, the Porsche Designer Tower is going to be a 57-story tower which will become the tallest building with the city of Sunny Isles Beach. But it is going to be unlike any other building within the region as it will provide the chance for people to purchase high-rise homes that they can literally drive straight up to as the building will feature a high-tech robotic parking garage where a total of 284 parking spaces will be offered for the 132 units which will be available within the tower.

Given the total number of parking spaces offered with the tower, each resident can easily park two or four of their cars right outside of their units where their very own garage will be found adjacent to their actual unit where people can view their cars from behind a glass wall that is within the comfort of their own high-rise home.

While the actual construction has yet to begin, people are very excited to see one of the most remarkable concepts for Miami Beach luxury condos today. While it is not the first luxury condo that offers a car elevator to its residents, the Porsche Design Tower is the first that will allow passengers to remain seated in their car as it moves from the ground floor to the floor in which their residence is located.

The Porsche Design Tower is going to be located along the scenic Collins Avenue where it will also be providing each of their residents with their own swimming pool located on each of their balconies. As for the price of these spectacular Miami Beach luxury condos, property buyers can expect values to reach around $9 million as soon as it hits the property market.

If you would like to find out more information regarding the newest developments in the city of Miami Beach, or if you are interested in learning more about the available selection of Miami Beach luxury condos on today’s property market, you may contact a professional real estate agent for further details.

Yaz Morgan
Miami Beach Luxury Condos

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