A Showdown Between Locations For Miami Luxury Condominiums: South Beach Versus Coral Gables

Tuesday, November 06 2012 @ 12:36 am UTC

When it comes to Miami luxury condominiums, a lot of locations within Miami claim to be the best location for you. Finding the most suitable locations within Miami is not really hard especially if you have a real estate agent helping you out. If you are trying to find the best locations within Miami, the best and probably even the easiest way to do so is to visit two of the most talked about locations within South Florida today: South Beach and Coral Gables.

Living in South Beach’s Miami Luxury Condominiums

South Beach, or SoBe, is one of those places that most single people would consider paradise due to the very active lifestyle and diverse culture it shares with people from all over the world. From Alton Road to South Pointe Drive, you can expect to find a great lineup of luxury condominiums within the beautiful coastal community.

If you want something more elegant, the South of Fifth neighborhood is definitely going to tickle your fancy. Ask most real estate agents in Miami today about the top places in Miami Beach and South of Fifth is guaranteed to be among their top recommendations. Options such as the Murano Grande and Continuum South Beach are just a few of the many great Miami luxury condominiums to be seen in the entire South Beach area.

While living in South Beach really sounds fun and exciting on paper due to the number of nightclubs, bars, and hotspots that the community has to offer, not everyone can truly benefit from such a location, especially since it is not considered to be a very wholesome option for family-oriented property buyers today.

Living in Coral Gables’ Miami Luxury Condominiums

Coral Gables, or the Gables, is very popular city for both local and foreign buyers as its residential properties which consist of single-family homes and condominiums are very suitable for family living. Since most of the neighborhoods in the region are not really family-friendly, Coral Gables is considered to be one of the few spots that are absolutely perfect for the modern family lifestyle.

With the University of Miami just within the vicinity, it would be a great investment for families to live in Miami luxury condominiums. The University Inn Condominium in South Alhambra Circle offers the greatest location for students while the Avignon In The Gables is one of the most highly recommended residential properties today as Anderson Road is widely known for its great security and safety.

If you are a family-oriented person, living in The Gables over SoBe can prove to be a much better option for achieving great day-to-day experience for the whole family. However, if you have always wanted to live in a place where the beach is a few steps away, Coral Gables might not be the best neighborhood for you.

At the end of the day, property buyers who are interested in being able to purchase one of the many Miami luxury condominiums that are currently available within the region should take the time to explore each of the locations found within the region because doing so is going to be incredibly important in knowing whether or not they are going to be making the right purchase.

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