Iraq's Sunni Vice President receives the third death sentence in absentia

Monday, November 05 2012 @ 02:51 am UTC

The Sunni vice president of Iraq , Tareq al-Hashemi, who is fled to Turkey , was sentenced to death for the third time in his country for terrorist offenses. Iraq's Sunni vice president, Tareq al-Hashemi, who is fled to Turkey, was sentenced to death for the third time in his country for terrorist offenses.The judgment of the Central Criminal Court of Iraq, not only affects Al Hashemi, but also the head of his office and brother, Ahmad al Qatan, for his involvement in a car bomb attack that aimed at Shiite pilgrims last year , said in a statement the spokesman of the Supreme Court, the Birqdar Abdelsatar.The first ruling against Al Hashemi and Al Qatan was issued on September 9 on charges of murder of a lawyer and a national security official and his wife.On November 1, were again sentenced to death after the court found them guilty of ordering his bodyguards them to put a limpet bomb in the car of an officer.After the first conviction, Al Hashemi, who is still vice president of Iraq, considered as an "honor" the death penalty: "It's proof of my innocence.'s The price you want to pay for my love for my country," said in his day Al Hashemi in a press conference in Turkey.He said that the death sentence will not prevent continued his work as vice president of Iraq, a position held by Parliament's decision and has not been formally removed.This case dates back to 19 December when the Iraqi authorities issued an arrest warrant against him on charges of terrorism, which triggered a crisis policy amid a surge in attacks, mostly directed against Shia targets and forces safety.

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