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Death of an eleven years in a car bomb attack in Turkey

NationalAn eleven year old boy has died and 18 people were injured by the explosion of a car bomb exploded by a police vehicle in the town of Semdinli in Hakkari province (southeast), as reported by security Turkish told Reuters.

The bomb was activated by passing an armored vehicle at the entrance of the town, near Turkey's border with Iraq and Iran, in the southeast of the country, mainly Kurdish area where violence is often related to the Party Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Most of the victims were civilian bystanders and two of the injured are in serious condition. The police vehicle suffered only minor injuries, according to the Turkish Dogan news agency.

"This cowardly attack was perpetrated right next to a place where weddings are held. Unfortunately no civilian casualties," said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during a rally of his party, the Workers' Party of Kurdistan ( PKK), which revealed the death of the child.

Police have launched a search operation to track down those responsible for the attack and for possible new explosive devices.

So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the mainly Kurdish southeast of Turkey is the main area of ​​influence of the Workers' Party of Kurdistan.

Since the PKK took up arms in 1984 to demand the independence of the mainly Kurdish southeast Turkey have been killed by violence over 40,000 people. The group is included in the lists of terrorist organizations in the EU and U.S..

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