Argentines Are Now Among The Most Active Investors On The South Florida Real Estate Market

Wednesday, October 31 2012 @ 04:48 am UTC

Brazilians were considered to be among the most active of all international property buyers on the South Florida real estate market. However, in recent months, it seems that things have changed as Argentines are increasingly more engaged in the market and many believe that there could be a positive impact when it comes to the housing market in general. There are many reasons why international property buyers have become so eager to purchase South Florida real estate properties. In the case of many Argentines, the fact that the local climate is quite similar to their own makes it ideal, especially for those who are interested in the regionís outstanding selection of residential options.

Of course, the undeniable fact that the regionís exquisite location along the Atlantic coast of the United States provides access to a fabulous selection of beaches makes for yet another reason why Argentines are drawn to these options while the cultural diversity of the regionís communities also proves to be another relevant factor as to why people from Argentina are more inclined to consider real estate options within the region.

However, what really triggered the recent up-tick in Argentine activity within the South Florida region is the fact that there have been economic changes which local people are now trying to respond to such as the weakening of the Argentine peso ówith its inflation increasing to 25 percent ó which is an occurrence that essentially compels wealthy Argentines to invest their money in the most suitable markets overseas. Luckily, the South Florida real estate market happens to be one of them.

According to statistics, the capital outflow from Argentina rose to $21.5 billion from $11.4 billion from 2010 to 2011.

Opera Tower, one of the condominium developments found within South Floridaís Downtown Miami area, seems to be one of the top favorites as the majority of its 30 apartment properties were sold to Argentines ó many of which paid cash for their purchases.

Of course, there are many other developments found in areas all across the region which are seeing an increasing number of Argentine property buyers whose main concern of finding quality investment opportunities is adequately met by the healthy range of options that are currently available on the South Florida real estate market.

Argentines and other international property buyers who would like to maximize on the opportunity to keep their wealth safe within the South Florida real estate market are encouraged to contact a professional real estate agent that specializes in handling international clients to find out more information regarding all available options.

Yaz Morgan
South Florida Real Estate

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