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Chavez expects no war between Turkey and Syria

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, Sunday reelected for a third term, today reiterated its support to the Government of Syria and expressed their hope that the tension between that country and Turkey does not lead to a war.
"It is very regrettable, we are now seeing the issue eastern Turkey and bombardments, and the possibility, hopefully it does not happen, a Turkey-Syria war,"
Chavez said in a press conference when asked about the crisis in that country ."Hopefully those who have planned this and are supporting you put your hand on the heart," he exclaimed later in reference to the Western powers, which Chávez responsible for the conflict in Syria.

He reiterated the stance of support to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, because he said, his is the "sole legitimate government" of Syria and said that the Arab nation "is a sovereign country, such as Libya, like Venezuela , as is the United States . ""I do not understand how some governments that are serious say Europe receive and meet with terrorists and ignore the legitimate government of a country, "he added.

Chavez expressed his desire to do something to help solve the conflict."I wish we could do!, But what can a country like Venezuela?" He asked.Then reiterated that President Assad "has made a huge effort to make concessions, constitutional changes, called for elections, but none of that is true for those who want to overthrow it."The conflict that exists in Syria since March 2011 has caused about 25,000 deaths, while 2.5 million people need humanitarian aid and more than 250,000 have fled to neighboring countries, according to United Nations .

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