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Turkey is the first time asylum law

Nearly 30,000 asylum applications to Turkey has recorded this year. Past there was still no law on asylum. That should change now.

Even after the fourth congress of the Turkish AKP (Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi to German Party of Justice and Progress) last Sunday in Ankara ebb speculation about the future of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (58) does not. At the recent meeting of 21 of the 50 board position of the party were filled - it was demolished so many long-standing member.
Asylum has a long tradition in Turkey. Already in the 15 Century, tens of thousands of Sephardic Jews found refuge from the Spanish Inquisition in the 19th Century hundreds of thousands of Circassians fled before the genocide in the Caucasus to Anatolia in the 20th Century were persecuted by the Nazis, German intellectuals Asylum on the Bosphorus. After Turkey had now with military coups and Kurdish war for several decades even produces refugees, it is once again the country of refuge for people from around the world - and for more refugees than any European country .

Nevertheless, it has to date neither an asylum law nor a determining authority. That should change now.

Around 29,000 refugees from Africa, Asia and the Middle East ranged up to 31 August this year, new applications for asylum in Turkey - there are more refugees than most EU countries recordings throughout the past year. Officially, there are but 3,000 applications for less than the Federal Republic of Germany recorded in the same period, but the estimated number of refugees in Turkey valued because of the ease of entry is much higher - many dive into the 15-million metropolis of Istanbul without submitting an application for asylum . Not even counting the more than 130,000 Syrian refugees in southern Turkey, of which approximately 95,000 are supplied in camps, while the other 40,000 in private accommodation itself afloat.

Technically, Turkey offers most of these refugees no asylum: almost the only country in the world holds Turkey firmly to the so-called geographical limitations, it had at the signing of the Geneva Convention made 1951 claims and today only three other countries in the world have: Monaco, Madagascar and Congo. The Turkish title says that Turkey only Europeans granted political asylum, or more accurately, people who flee persecution in Europe. But most of the refugees in Turkey today come from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Congo.

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