Kobe Bryant Lionel Messi challenges teams to exchange for a week

Sunday, September 23 2012 @ 05:44 am UTC

The star of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant , challenged the Argentine player of Barcelona , Lionel Messi , exchange of equipment for a week. " We propose that he comes to play a week with the Lakers while I go one week Barza "joked Kobe during his trip to Istanbul, Turkey, where he recorded an ad for an airline, according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo .
Bryant, a self-confessed fan of Barcelona, ​​said that "it is an honor" to participate in a ad with Messi, though not recorded together since the "Flea" will do its part in Barcelona, ​​while Kobe does in Turkey, on a plane. Kobe said he scored " a goal with a basketball and Leo make a basket with a soccer ball. " Messi and Bryant met during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, when both were summoned by their respective teams and shared stay in the Olympic village, crediting both the gold medals in their respective sports.

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