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Turkey and Britain won Olympic gold in taekwondo in London-2012

The Turkish and British Tazegul Servet Jade Jones on Thursday won gold medals in divisions of 68 kg and -57 kg taekwondo London-2012, respectively, while Brazilian Diogo Silva placed fifth in its category.

Tazegul took the Olympic title in the final after beating world champion Mohammad Bagheri Iran. The Afghan and American Nikpah Rohullah Terrence Jennings hung bronze.

The Iranian, 23, won by 6 points to 5, after the first round tie 1-1, winning the second 4-2 and lost the third 1-2.

Practitioner of this discipline from the five years, the Turk was third in Beijing-2008 in -68 kg, Gyeongju World Champion in 2011 and third in Copenhagen 2009 and 2012 European champions Manchester and St. Petersburg 2010.

Tazegul eliminated in first round at Jennings American, while in the quarterfinals Hryhorii Husarov liquidated the Ukrainian semi-finals and Britain's Martin Stamper.

The Iranian, who also disputed the early summer just after the start in the sport in 1991, was world champion in 2009 and runner-up in Copenhagen Gyeongju 2011, and Asian monarch on the appointment of Astana, Kazakhstan in 2010.

Meanwhile, Britain's Jones won the gold medal by defeating China's Hou Yuzhuo.

Jones, 19, dedicated to the martial art since he was eight, won by 6 points to 4, after tying for first (0-0) and third rounds (4-4) and win the second 2-0.

The French and Taiwanese Harnois Marlene Tseng-Cheng Li took two bronze medals.

Jones thus took revenge for the World Cup 2011 in Gyeongju, which was defeated by Hou.

Debutante at the Summer Games, British Olympic title added to that runner at third in the European Championships in 2010 and 2012 and junior caption, 2010 in Tijuana, Mexico.

A lover of music and song, Jones began his sport since his grandfather joined a local club, she says to remove it from the streets.

Since then, the new champion says falling in love with this discipline, which trains daily in two shifts, morning and afternoon.

Jones eliminated in first round of Serbia Dragana Gladovic, while quarter-final dumped Mayu Hamada of Japan, semifinals and Li-Cheng Tseng Taiwan.

The Latin American highlight of the day was the Brazilian Silva, who finished fifth in the -68 kg division after losing by decision of the arbitrator in the dispute of bronze with Jennings.

Silva, 30, tied the match in the third and final round showing a spectacular recovery, but the judge ruled that the U.S. had more merit to keep the metal.

"It was a fair decision," he told AFP Brazilian, who claimed the judges at the end of litigation, whose first round was won by Jennings 4-0. In the remaining two Diogo won 2-1 and 3-0.

"It was a difficult road which I had to take to get here," the athlete visibly upset by this final in his second Olympics after Athens-2004, reaching the fourth.

The Brazilian was the only Latin American who spent the first round, after removal at this stage of the Cuban Nidia Munoz (-57 kg), Peru's Peter Lopez and Erick Osornio Mexican (68 kg).

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