UK tries to mediate between Israel and Turkey, said an Israeli newspaper

Wednesday, August 01 2012 @ 11:36 pm UTC

The British government tries to mediate between Israel and Turkey limen roughness and resume diplomatic relations that once united them as strategic allies, said today the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz". According to Israeli officials, the newspaper reports that in recent weeks, London has served as a bridge to link messages between the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, although so far not been found no formula for bringing the two positions.
Relations between Israel and Turkey, which had been deteriorating since the Israeli military offensive on Gaza in late 2008 and January 2009, bottomed out in early 2011 when Ankara expelled the Israeli ambassador after the publication of a UN report on the Israel's military assault on a flotilla bound for the Palestinian Gaza in 2010 that killed nine Turkish activist.
Ankara demands an apology and compensation to the families of the victims by Israel, which refuses to give them, to understand the Turkish participation in the flotilla as a provocation and an attempt to break a sea blockade on Gaza, which considered legal.
Since the crisis began, diplomats British, Americans and Germans have tried unsuccessfully to mediate between the parties to resume dialogue, or at least preventing further deterioration, according to Israeli newspaper.
In recent months, and following the violence in Syria, British officials have tried to revive the diplomatic mediation between Turkey and Israel, considering that both countries share a common concern about what happens to your neighbor.
British Prime Minister David Cameron met with Erdogan in Downing Street on 27 July meeting which discussed regional developments, particularly in Syria.
And although the press before any of them explicitly mentioned the issue of Turkish-Israeli relationship as the "Haaretz", both leaders discussed the matter among themselves.
To date, the British efforts have paved the way while efforts continue, refer to official sources.
Both the British Embassy in Israel as Israeli Prime Minister's Office have not spoken about the information.

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