Turkey hardens tone and calls for a NATO meeting

Monday, June 25 2012 @ 01:31 am UTC

The NATO has accepted the request of the Turkish Government and tomorrow in Brussels will be held an emergency meeting of the members of NATO. Ankara has used Article 4 of the treaty of NATO which provides for a Council meeting provided one of the 27 members believe that their territorial integrity, political independence or security were threatened.

The Turkish government has said it is an unacceptable because according to the Foreign Minister's fighter flew over international airspace and was located 13 nautical miles from Syria when he was killed on Friday.

Search operations of the two pilots are continuing but there is little hope to appear alive.

The Turkish government says it has located the device is about 1,300 meters deep in the ocean.

According to diplomatic sources cited by the local press, the Syrian army would have tried to shoot down other fighter Turkish.

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