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The EU calls on Turkey "restraint" after the overthrow of the Syrian military plane

InternationalThe diplomat of the European Union (EU), Catherine Ashton , today called on Turkey "containment" in his reaction to the downing of one of its combat aircraft by Syrian forces. "We are obviously looking to Turkey to show restraint in its response, "said Ashton upon arrival of a Council of Foreign Ministers of the EU being held today in Luxembourg , and in which the EU high representative confirmed that it will address the Turkish plane affair.

"I spoke with Turkish Prime Minister and informed me about the situation. Today we will discuss the matter. We are very concerned about what happened, and very worried about the family of the two pilots" who were aboard the crashed plane, he said. The French Minister of Foreign Affairs , Laurent Fabius, was more emphatic in describing the situation as "absolutely unacceptable", because when the aircraft was attacked "without weapons was a routine flight, with no warning."
"There are several possible interpretations, but it is certain that this gesture is unacceptable," he said, recalling that the ambassadors of NATO will meet tomorrow in Brussels to discuss the matter. Meanwhile, the foreign minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn , condemned the downing of the plane and said "it is contrary to respect for human rights and human life, because there were two pilots on that plane, which was perhaps several minutes Syrian airspace. "
"Without warning, the plane was shot, it goes against all logic. Only a dictatorship can come to such acts," he said, and said the EU "on the side of Turkey and approve the reaction have been moderate to the situation. " In addition to discussing events like the Turkish plane shooting is scheduled to European foreign ministers confirm their support for new sanctions against a person and six entities related to the Syrian regime, and further clarification on the arms embargo imposed on the country that have .
"We'll see what else can be done. I've been in contact with (the special envoy of the UN and Arab League ) Kofi Annan , trying to support their work and try to help people in Syria , where the situation is terrible on the ground " said Ashton . The EU diplomat also recalled that the EU has held meetings with the Syrian opposition and that "there are many discussions going."
"We're trying to be circumstances that the opposition can unite, this is very important, that is inclusive and represents to many people, and have a plan itself," he said. The French minister insisted that the Council will make "a reaffirmation of our extremely strong condemnation of this abominable regime", while his counterpart Luxembourg impact on that "we can not intervene militarily in Syria , this would not be a solution, but something worse what is now. "

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