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Persistent Game confident Istanbul 2020

Yalcin Aksoy failed four times in his attempt to bring the Olympics to Istanbul, but is ready for another trial while the main city of Turkey is presented as a candidate for the fifth time for the six final vows.
"I never felt so confident except for the first time, when we showed up for the 2000 Games," he told Reuters in an interview Aksoy, general director of the Olympic Bid Committee in Istanbul (IOBC, for its acronym in English).

"We learned how difficult it is to bring the Games," he said.
Istanbul is presented as a candidate near Rome, Madrid, Tokyo, Azerbaijani capital Baku and Doha Qatar, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) choose the city ready to host the biggest sporting event in the world in September 2013.
Aksoy saw previous failed nominations for editions 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012, but noted that, having decided not to run for the 2016 Games, Istanbul was now in a much stronger position.
The Turkish city even beyond the first qualifying cut the choice of venue that finally awarded to London for the 2012 Games.
Aksoy is much less inclined to repeat the trite saying of Istanbul as the symbolic bridge between civilizations because of its location on the border between Europe and Asia. This time is more interested in talking about facts.
"Before we show our dedication to the Olympic movement but did not expect to win. This time is completely different," he said.
The Turkish economy and its strong double-digit annual growth, in addition to handling major sporting events-including a Formula One race, the World Basketball Championship 2010 and the 2013 Mediterranean Games - have improved the chances of the city, according Aksoy.
"Many things have changed in Turkey over the past eight years, both in infrastructure and the economy. Istanbul is the only city built an Olympic stadium without having earned the right to host the Games," he said.
"We decided to continue to build our projects (...) continue investing in sports infrastructure. Since 1994, completed 14 Olympic venues, including the Olympic Stadium and the complex roof Erdem Sinam which hosted the World Championships last year," he said.
In addition to the additional locations and have dense city traffic, which has invested 8,000 million dollars in recent years, according to Aksoy, the heads of the nomination of Istanbul will also need to convince the IOC that can provide the necessary security for the Games.
Kurdish guerrilla attacks continued, including a suspected car bomb killed three people in Ankara earlier this month, so there is no doubt that this will be a problem highlighted by the IOC.
"The Games attract terrorist activities or other security problems. Turkey is dealing with common security problems than other countries. We have the experience," said Aksoy.
The official said Turkey, a secular Muslim yet, was the right choice for the IOC to expand into new territories.
"Istanbul offers the world a chance to organize Olympic Games in a secular Muslim country," he said.
"Obviously you do not get the Games because he is a Muslim country, but a good policy is to organize the Games which have not been organized in the world," he continued.
However, Istanbul is not the only candidate in a Muslim country, and so are Doha, Baku.

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