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The recognition of Palestine, a shock so that nothing changes

Israel is facing one of the most critical years in its history. Arab revolutions have ended with the little stability that arises enjoyed check-Egypt peace accords after a popular assault against the Israeli embassy, ​​the embassy in Jordan is the scene of demonstrations that demand the severance of relations, the Syrian regime, with whom he cohabited despite being at war in the interests of both, lurching and Turkey to the assault on the fleet key partner in the region, gives the back-and now the Palestinian issue gets out of hand.

The immobility of a peace process at the mercy of the will of Tel Aviv has the patience of even the Palestinian chairman, Mahmoud Abbas-Abu Mazen, whose terms were characterized by their concessions to Israel and the United States and its internal struggle against Hamas Islamists, who have won the last Palestinian elections.

In the face of its population, Abu Mazen sacrificed common cause to protect their individual interests and those of Washington. His strategy was bowing to the humiliation, look in another direction each time you opened a new settlement on Palestinian land, absent displayed before each bloody offensive against Gaza and Israeli decisions to undergo hardly react.

Until she decided to take a step in another direction: the request for recognition of a Palestinian state before the United Nations, which if approved would drastically change the terms of the conflict forced to begin negotiations on an equal footing, from state to state, not a State entity state or territory - and force Israel to accept the consequences of military occupation of another country. In addition, the new category would allow Palestinian access to international organizations and from there to fight with the laws against their enemy, potential denouncing Israeli war crimes and acting on the basis of its resolutions.

The Security Council of the UN, to which Abu Mazen will present its proposal, rather than to the General Assembly, where it enjoys the support of more than two thirds of the chamber which guarantees the victory but where the statute would full state-seeking will not accept your proposal. United States, a staunch ally of Israel but that bury him politically in the Middle East is no longer the same as last year, has announced it will use its veto to stop it. It is possible that to happen, take it to the Assembly, whose decisions are not binding. Either way, once declared state there may be granted the same formula as Vatican observer State.

What sense does it then make a proposal to die before birth but gain the sympathy of the Arab community, which is not very good opinion of PA characterized by corruption? Prominent commentators, activists and experts have spoken out against the initiative of Abu Mazen. For Ali Abunimah , cofounder of the Electronic Intifada website , author of One Country, a clear proposal to end the Israeli-Palestinian impasse and advisor to Palestinian political network Al Shabaka, "the strategy, sick from conception, reality complicates things expand failure of the process that aims to replace. First exclude Palestinian decision-making process. And second, completely off the discourse on the state of reality. The opposition, and is very, derived from three sources: the vague proposal may lead to unexpected consequences, pursuing the establishment of a state above all endanger the rights of refugees and the Palestinian Authority has no democratic mandate to act on behalf of the Palestinians or bet on their rights and future. "

Organizations such as Stop The Wall , Boycott National Committee -led global campaign for boycott Palestinian NGO and sanctions on Israel, or Palestinian Youth Movement have shown "firmly against" the proposal to Abu Mazen, emphasizing that a unilateral declaration, which does not have the endorsement of the Palestinians, who do not even know the content of the proposal will only be known on Friday at the UN-involves the transfer of 78% of historic Palestine captured by Israel in 1948. Resolution 181 of 1947 required the establishment of States, and the Israeli was granted 56% of the territory, ie significantly less than the 1967 mean.

That is not a serious problem. Even the extremist Hamas has repeatedly stated its willingness to negotiate on the 1967 borders, the same in which Abu Mazen intends to declare his state. Eerie it is for NGOs that Palestinians living in Israel and refugees and their descendants, almost five million people crammed into neighboring countries, will be without representation and without a clear future.

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