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Fenerbahce sues UEFA

Istanbul. Fenerbahce sued the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for his disqualification from the Champions League because of alleged involvement in match-fixing club

The Yellow Canaries felt that their exclusion from the Champions lead to a loss of 45 million euro s (63.4 million dollars), which required the CAS to take an emergency measure, to return to competition, which had classified legally.

The square that belonged to Turkish champions was occupied by the runners-up Trabzonsport, fighting to enter the European League.

So far 30 people are arrested and awaiting prosecution, among them is the president of Fenerbahce, Aziz Yildirim, who is accused of rigging 19 matches, and the list also includes players and managers.

Meanwhile, the leading exponent of Turkish football in recent days asked his descent into the Second Division, a request that was rejected by the TFF, which claimed that the club had not made a written request.

Also, the TAS given a deadline on Tuesday night for the picture of Istanbul to present its arguments.

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