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CHP prepares ‘Kurdish expansion’ package

Two months ago, CHP Leader Deniz Baykal sent a message directed towards the PKK stating; “I will not conduct politics with weapons, the second weapons are relinquished a project on amnesty will begin.” CHP is preparing to continue initiatives for a Kurdish expansion.

Baykal met with academics to establish a proposal package for a solution to the Kurdish issue. CHP will announce the details of the initiative in the upcoming week. CHP’s General Assistant Secretary Mesut Deger stated that a solution will only be reached in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. “The government should put forth their own plan in the assembly, where we will deliberate.”A number of the stipulations in the initiative include; not using the term terrorism, using dialogue as a basis. DTP, CHP and AK Party district deputies should be involved. The regulations that establish terrorism should be lifted and eventually an amnesty proposed. Kurdish education and language should be accepted as a subject major. Local administrations should be strengthened, however in a unifying manner and not as separate entities. The guardianship system should be lifted, and the return of people to their villages should be facilitated.

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