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The Long Manufacturing Process Behind Every Crystal Chandelier

The way chandeliers are manufactured is as complex as their designs. You see many chandeliers with very intricate designs and with the best crystal pieces on them. And because they are made from the finest materials, you can expect the chandelier to be manufactured at a longer time.

Most of us buy chandeliers without even knowing how long the manufacturing process is. Perhaps not even one of us has the slightest idea as to how they are made. This article will help you know more about the crystal chandelier. After the read, you'll find yourselves tending to your crystal chandeliers even more.

Materials Used In Crystal Chandelier Making

Chandeliers that are made centuries ago were crafted from the finest gold. Only royals and the elite crowd can afford this type of chandelier. When people began seeking for chandeliers that can be hanged in modest homes, a variety of materials were used to make the lighting fixture more affordable for the ordinary people.

Crystal chandeliers are made mostly out of copper, brass or iron. Because the crystal piece itself is heavy, you need something that is weighty enough to support it. Today, some chandeliers are plated in gold. But you'd rarely find solid gold in crystal chandeliers today because of the expensive costs.

Crystal Making

Crystals are made intricately and meticulously that it takes a lot of time before one perfect piece is made. It undergoes a series of processes to make sure that the best lighting system can be added in your homes.

A crystal is an amalgamation of lead and glass. If colored crystals are ordered, impurities have to be added to come up with a new color. Unknown to many, the glass used to make crystals is made from fine sand. The latter is heated to a very high temperature until it melts and becomes nebulous enough. It is then formed into the needed shape and allowed to cool again. Lead has to be mixed with the sand to come up with a crystal piece. Of course, the right proportions of these substances have to be well calculated so imperfections can be avoided.

Crystal Perfect

Once the crystals are formed into the right shape and the imperfections have been omitted, it is then placed in the brass, copper or iron frame. Because crystal pieces are naturally heavy, you can only expect a heavier frame to support it.

For a brighter lighting fixture, you have to look for the most perfect set of crystals. Those which are not cloudy emit strong rays of light which greatly suffice the lighting needs of a home.

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