Turkey to spend 1.4 mln dollars for promotion during Olympics in Beijing

Saturday, August 09 2008 @ 08:35 am UTC

The Turkish government plans to spend 1.4 million dollars for the promotion during the Olympic Games, which started on Friday in China's capital Beijing. According to the promotion plan prepared by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, an advertorial on Turkey would be broadcasted on Chinese television for 788 times during the games.

Turkey also would give advertisement to 6,000 taxis in Beijing, and would use hundreds of posters as well as billboards throughout Beijing.

Turkey will compete in 12 events for the first time in its history at the 29th Summer Olympic Games. The Beijing Olympics in the People's Republic of China will run from August 8-24.

Sixty-eight Turkish athletes, including 20 women, will vie for a medal in the events of athletics, wrestling, weight-lifting, Taekwondo, boxing, swimming, sailing, table tennis, archery, shooting, judo and cycling.

Turkey had won its first medal in the 29th Olympics on Friday. Sibel Ozkan won silver medal in women's 48 kg weightlifting in Beijing. Ozkan won the silver medal with 88 kg in the snatch and a successful 111 kg in the clean and jerk for a 199 kg total.

Turkey has won a total of 74 Olympic medals over previous years including 36 gold medals, 19 silver medals and 19 bronze medals. Turkish wrestlers have won 27 of these gold medals and weightlifters won 8 gold medals.


Beijing Games is the most expensive one in the history. The $43 billion official bill for this month's Beijing Games is one-and-a-half times bigger than the previous five Olympics' bills added together.

It works out at $2.9 billion per day, or $140 million per event.

Some $400 million has been spent on information technology alone.

Official investment spending in China in 2007 totaled $1.6 trillion. So assuming Olympic investment spending was spread out over three years, it hardly reaches 1% of annual investment spending.

The sponsors are expected to spend $3.2 billion to reach out some 1.3 billion Chinese consumers.

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