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Turkey\'s Erdogan: No Tolerance for Anti-Semitism

InternationalPrime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was awarded \"Courage to Care\" from the Anti Defamation League (ADL), which is one of the effective foundations of the Jewish lobby in the USA, said: \"There is no place for Anti-Semitism in Turkey.\"

Erdogan spoke at the ceremony of the \"Courage to Care\" awards, which was given to diplomats who saved the lives of Jews during World War II and said that Jewish Genocide is the most inconceivable crime towards humanity committed throughout the history of the world. The ADL awarded the plaque, which bares the names of the diplomats who gave help to Jewish people during WW II, to Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul. Erdogan explicitly opposed Anti-Semitism in his speech and defined the murder of millions of Jews during WW II as genocide. Erdogan said that Anti-Semitism is appearance of a shameful insanity and added: \"Anti-Semitism is not only the appearance of an illness of deceiving a belief of a nation or seeing them not deserving humane values. Genocide, ethnic cleansing, fascism, Anti-Islamism, Anti-Christian, racist hostility and terrorism are different faces of an evil coming from the past to the present.\" Erdogan emphasized that Prophet Mohammad lived with the Jews in Medina and ordered his followers to protect them and added: \"There is no place for Anti-Semitism in Turkey. It is an alien concept to our culture. Turkish society has accepted that Anti-Semitist speeches are extreme and did not allow them to spread in the country and will not. We trust your partnership and support. You should also continue to trust in ours.\"

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