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MSN Gets into City Mapping

TechnologyA new service called MSN VIrtual Earth is being launched to take on Google's dominance of local Business Searching.

Previewed Monday, the service is Geo mapping featuring satellite imaging and ariel photography. At the moment, people using mapping services can see rooftops views only but with MSN Virtual Earth, the searcher will be able to see a semi face-on view of the Hamburger Joint or Laundromat he's looking for.
The immediate next step will be the option to overlay different businesses on one image - maybe grocery stores with pharmacies as examples.
A fleet of light airplanes is being used to take pictures of 15 major US cities but MSN are being coy about saying which ones. This set of pictures will add hi-fidelity images to the service. The core service will be available in the summer but the photography won't follow until later in the year.

You can really establish that what-is-it-like-there kind of feeling," Steven Lawler head of Microsoft's MapPoint business said. "This is a game-changing kind of imagery for the Internet and for this kind of search experience we're trying to create".
Google already offers satellite imagery on its free mapping service and Amazon's A9 search facility holds around 20 million images of the exteriors of US buildings.

Troy McKirk
SEO Expert
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