Anzac Day to last 48 hours

Monday, December 16 2002 @ 08:00 am UTC

The growing number of young Australians making the Anzac Day pilgrimage to Turkey has forced ceremonies to be expanded over two days.

At Gallipoli next year the traditional Anzac dawn service and the Australian memorial service at Lone Pine would continue to be held on April 25, but the Turkish international, French and Commonwealth services will now be held on April 24, Veterans Affairs Minister Danna Vale said yesterday.

Mrs Vale said the Turkish Government had extended the commemorative period to alleviate problems with traffic and overcrowding. A large video screen and superior sound system will also be provided.
This year there were isolated complaints about the behaviour of some people attending the services, with reports of late-night drinking and dancing to Kylie Minogue records before the service began. Nearly 20,000 flocked to the services.

Mrs Vale said it was wonderful to see so many young Australians and New Zealanders paying their respects at Gallipoli.
When Alec Campbell, the last of the Gallipoli Anzacs, died in May, the author of Gallipoli , Les Carlyon, said: \"It is perhaps the strangest thing that, at a time when there is now no one left alive, interest in the story has probably never been greater.\"

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